Transforming Ottawa Into a World-Class Arts and Entertainment Centre

Artistic life is vital to Ottawa’s identity. As the capital of Canada, Ottawa already has the talent and some of the infrastructure needed to support a vibrant cultural life. But we can do better. My administration will be committed to making Ottawa a more vibrant city for residents and a world-class artistic attraction for Canadian and international visitors.

The Arts Express Who We are and Who We Can Become

Ottawa is home to residents from everywhere in the world who bring with them rich cultural experiences. Such diversity contributes to the vitality of Ottawa’s arts scene and encourages residents and visitors alike to celebrate our common humanity and creative expression.

From the RBC Bluesfest to the Electric Pow Wow, from the Capital Ukrainian Festival to the Capital Bachata Festival, from Ottawa Jazz Festival to the Festival du Jour Des Morts, from Korean dance company Goblin Party to the Digi60 Filmmakers’ Festival and The Great Indian Festival – it’s clear that Ottawa has the talent and energy to provide and draw world-class entertainment.

 Supporting Ottawa’s Art Scenes Makes Good Economic Sense

Arts and culture are an integral part of the economy of Ottawa. Before the pandemic, Ottawa attracted more than 11 million visitors each year who spent about $2.2 billion in local hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

Tourism contributes directly to local employment and the regional economy by supporting a wide range of different businesses that offer products and services to visitors. A world-class offering of cultural and artistic choices can only attract more tourists.

Building On Solid Local Foundations

Beyond integrating local support with that of federal and provincial partners –such as Canada’s Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, and Canadian Heritage– I look forward to working with the Ottawa Arts Council, and local arts and creative-industry leaders. Together we will more fully integrate art into the everyday life of Ottawans and raise the profile of local artists and producers. Organizations such as Art Connect Ottawa, Ottawa Music Industry Coalition/ La Coalition de l’industrie de la musique d’Ottawa, and Arts Network Ottawa | Réseau des arts d’Ottawa  have helped illuminate the way forward. 

By creating a team of specialized experts to help individual local artists apply for grants and other funding to bring their artistic visions to life, and by partnering with existing organizations with expertise in arts, culture and business, we will develop and refine plans to enhance infrastructure – such as recording facilities and spaces for both creation and performance – to ensure that local artists can thrive right here in Ottawa!

As a candidate for mayor of Ottawa, I am committed to working with arts and creative industry leaders to help them overcome challenges and to ensure that Ottawa takes its rightful place as a vibrant, world-class draw on par with cities such as London, Paris, and Rome.