Mayoral candidates: Kadri — Build the green economy in Ottawa and Ontario

Nour Kadri, candidate for mayor: ‘The transition to the new green economy will create substantial benefits.

These are difficult times for the world and particularly for Ontario. We are in the grip of the worst global crisis since the Great Depression, compounded by an entrenched pandemic that promises to be with us for a long time and a war in Europe that has triggered inflationary fears, food shortages and an energy crisis, and has complicated the existential uncertainties posed by climate change. The best scientists are telling us that unless we act now to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we will rob our children of their chance for economic, ecological and social stability and sustainability.

Fortunately, we do not have to choose between addressing the economic crisis or the climate crisis. Investments in energy efficiency and green energy will create tens of thousands of new jobs to power our economic recovery while simultaneously combating climate change.

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