High Profile Endorsement for Mayoral Candidate Nour Kadri As He Presents Strong Climate Action Plan

Ottawa, September 28, 2022

The Nour Kadri for Ottawa Mayor campaign is making considerable impact. Campaign volunteers are saying that the public is responding positively to the candidate, and they recently announced an impressive high profile endorsement.

NDP MP and Deputy Leader Alexandre Boulerice : “Je suis très fier d’appuyer la candidature de Nour El Kadri comme maire d’Ottawa. Je connais Nour depuis des années et je sais qu’il va travailler très fort pour tous les citoyens.nes d’Ottawa. Son plan en environnement sur les changements climatiques est impressionnant et très complet. Il mérite votre confiance.

Kadri says he is grateful for the show of support, and speaks of how important it is to build consensus among community stakeholders.

Kadri says his Climate Action Plan will be developed through community consultation and a panel of experts on how to address the impacts of climate change and how to be resilient in the coming decades. The plan focuses on adapting and preparing the community for the risks of climate change, such as more variable and extreme weather, social and infrastructure stress and insurance costs. It also addresses reducing the community’s contribution to climate change, such as the emission of greenhouse gases. This plan is the next step in moving forward to mitigate climate risks and enhance our community’s climate resilience.

Nine Directions of the Community Plan

  1. A sustainable food and agriculture system that minimizes greenhouse gas emissions while ensuring community food security.
  2. An informed and engaged public that understands potential impacts of climate change and is ready to act to help mitigate and adapt to climate change.
  3. A world leader in all aspects of energy through our integrated smart energy network that reduces our overall energy intensity.
  4. A resilient and decentralized infrastructure network that maximizes the long-term benefits for our community.
  5. A system of land use patterns and built form focusing on the human scale that minimizes the use of fossil fuels and allows us to adapt to known and unknown impacts.
  6. A concerted action plan that builds on our diverse businesses and institutions that embraces innovation and sustainable practices to achieve a thriving and resilient economy.
  7. A more efficient transportation network that reduces the use of single occupancy vehicles and balances the needs of all users for walking, cycling, transit, carpooling, and movement of goods.
  8. A climate resilient water resources and ecosystems infrastructure.
  9. A healthy community that is resilient to climate change.

I intend to bring together community groups, leaders and our youth to create a task force and develop a collective vision of what Ottawa should look like in the near, medium and long term,”
Kadri says with passion. “Ottawa is a vibrant community that is built on existing strengths and attracts businesses that work in partnership with government and community partners to create a diverse, sustainable economy. Economic growth incorporates businesses in new and existing sectors that are leaders in creating a competitive advantage through environmental and social responsibility Ottawa’s economic growth relies on businesses in the community and the creation of new sectors, where leaders can create a competitive advantage through environmental and social responsibility.

Kadri is available for media interviews.

Read about our climate platform Here

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