Kadri: Affordable Housing is needed but cannot come at the expense of Ottawa’s neighbourhoods

Ottawa Mayoral candidate Nour Kadri expresses support for keeping R1 Zoning

Ottawa, September 22, 2022

Ottawa Mayoral candidate Nour Kadri spoke on the issue of affordable housing today with respect to the R1 zone that protects Ottawa’s communities from extreme intensification inside the city’s neighbourhoods. “We need to intensify and provide more housing options for people to choose from, but we do not need to harm our existing communities to do so”, Nour Kadri said.

As the largest municipality in the country, there is room to intensify inside Ottawa’s boundary around the LRT, transit hubs and major roadways. “Imagine how many people we could house along Carling Avenue, from Bronson to Kanata, if we developed it properly?” Kadri asked.

There is a time and a place for everything. I don’t believe we should build apartment buildings deep inside our neighbourhoods. I support keeping the R1 zone in place while focusing intensification in the areas where it will add value and where the infrastructure can support the additional population increase”.

It is essential that we stop following a small city mentality. Ottawa is growing quickly and with this growth come not only big city possibilities, but also big city problems.  We need real leadership and a clear vision if we are going to take our city from good to great.

I commit to bringing nuanced, competent leadership with the political and business experience to effectively deal with and arrest inflation, and adopt good governance practices.  Together, we
can transform Ottawa into a green, progressive, responsive, smart, and vibrant city.

Nour Kadri is best known in Ottawa as a mentor and a respected Professor at the University of Ottawa in their MBA and Executive MBA programs as well as their graduate programs in Digital Transformation and Innovation. Kadri is also a renowned business leader and is the President and CEO of Skyline Health Systems and Co-founder of SUKAD Corporation.

Well-versed on Canadian and International politics, Kadri is a member of the experts on call at the University of Ottawa. He is a sought-after expert on leadership training and election strategies for emerging democracies.

A coalition-builder, Kadri works across diverse communities and has a proven talent for innovation and practical problem solving. He brings private sector skills, political know-how,
and out-of-the-box thinking to the mayor’s office.

Kadri is available for media interviews.

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